Cooper DuBois Portland Classic Racing Circuit and Pacific Raceways

Cooper DuBois Portland classic and vintage racing is getting more popular all the time. If you want a friendly atmosphere to race your vintage car, a circuit is a sure bet. The tracks that have never lost their character are the Classic Racing Circuit and Pacific Raceways. To ensure an unforgettable experience, you should follow Cooper DuBois Racing tips like inspecting your car and being safe on the circuit.



The Thrill of Racing

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Explains Classic Racing

Classic Racing Circuit features beautiful scenery and has tons of high-speed corners. It also hosts some of the expensive vintage cars, so there’s no shortage of action. If you’re a classic car enthusiast, there’s no way you won’t have fun here.

If you’re looking for some adrenaline rush, the fast sweepers and long straights are perfect for a flat-out. The newly refreshed layout also allows drivers to push their cars to the limit. Of course, the changing elevation makes a great race track.

The classic racing circuit is an impressive facility and offers everything you’d expect in a modern racetrack. And because the course was recently paved, it drastically changes the feel of classic drivers.

Another impressive feature of the circuit is the new surface. Before your stunts, you should ensure you maintain constant pressure. While you might complete some of the most demanding challenges, what is vital is being quick. Keep in mind that Classic racing consists of passionate people who love vintage motorsports.

The track days are guaranteed to leave you smiling, so your day goes on well without a hitch. And once you get to this race track, you can be sure you’re in the safe hands of the instructors. Whether you want to create an unforgettable event or achieve your long-dream life of racing, this is the place to be.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer, even our wives take racing seriously

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer, even our wives take racing seriously

1962 Chevrolet Corvette Cooper Dubois Portland racing

1962 Chevrolet Corvette Cooper Dubois Portland racing

Cooper DuBois Portland talks about racing temas

Racing Team

The Classic Racing team sets up historic racecars and offers several services, so the drivers can concentrate on what matters most – racing. The maintenance team has the technical know-how to ensure the racing car performs at its best. And regardless of your driving level, the instructors will offer personalized coaching.

If you want to take your skills to the next level, you can enroll in a full-day program. You’ll learn performance driving techniques and delicate handling. The drivers also offer personalized training, all in a vintage ambiance. Some of the professional racing instructors you’ll find here include Romain Sarrazin and Vincent Beltoise.

If you want to reward your employees, the instructors will create a memorable event. And no matter the car you choose, safety is always a priority.

Besides that, the racing team offers car transport and storage facilities. If you want to rent out a racing car, the team will craft a plan that suits you best. The team will help you find what you’re looking for irrespective of your driving level.

The Classic Racing Team accommodates all historic cars including, vintage Corvettes and Formula Fords, Sebring winning Lotus, and sports prototypes.


Pacific Raceways

The Pacific Raceways feature 200,000 square feet of space and has 40-acres close to the main paddock area. As the new kid in the block, the buildings are still under construction – it’s ideal for car enthusiasts, racers, and businesses.

Pacific Raceways boasts of 1250 square feet and houses startups and companies in the automotive industry. The main plan included a mezzanine, roll-up door, electrical service, lights, etc.

The first phase of the Pacific Raceways began in 2018 but now hosts events for motor enthusiasts.

Pacific Raceways
Cooper DuBois about Racing School

Cooper DuBois Portland about Racing School

Are you looking forward to a driving competition? Or maybe you want to advance your driving skills. The instructors in the racing school will take you there. It has graduated thousands of drivers over the years.

Cooper DuBois Portland resident says That the racing track accommodates both novice and seasoned drivers from March to November. But all beginners must go through some classroom in-car training to enjoy the experience. Drivers can also rotate on the track every day to improve their skills under controlled conditions.

Since the Pacific Raceways is a sanctioned track, all cars must undergo technical inspection for top fuel racing. And, all vehicles should not have inappropriate messages – must be presentable at all times, explains Cooper DuBois from Portland.

Another rule when you come to the track is a racer must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Plus, the participants must respectably conduct themselves and must not threaten others. Any person who conducts themselves inappropriately will have violated the NHRA regulations.




Parking at the Pacific Raceways

Lot A is used as the general parking lot, while PGP is used for more significant events. However, no parking is allowed at night. Handicaps are required to use the ticket booths and spectator entrance at the main area.

Cooper Dubois Portland Ceo of Truly Social Games is an avid racer and has raced at Pacific Raceways.

Parking at the Pacific Raceways

Cooper DuBois Portland Explains The Thrill of Racing

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO of Truly Social Games is a vintage car racing enthusiast. He explains that part of the thrill of racing is the total focus the driver must have while he is behind the wheel of one of these powerful vehicles. Winning a race is, of course, exciting. However, just being able to participate also a true pleasure for these vintage car owners.



Cooper DuBois Portland resident is a proud member of SOVREN, which is a Seattle-based racing organization.

The acronym stands for the Society Of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts, and it is a non-profit racing organization that has donated tens of millions of dollars to Children’s Hospitals. Next up on the calendar of events for SOVERN is the Pacific Northwest Historics. This event will last three days and be held at the Pacific Raceways over the July 4th weekend. This is the Pacific Northwest’s largest vintage road race, and it has offered fun for both drivers and spectators since it began in 1989.

Although this year COVID protocols are scheduled to be in place, everyone will have access to track viewing areas and the racing grandstands. Also at this event includes a large vendor’s row, car corrals, and many other attractions. The all-makes Swap Meet is a new feature this year and will consist of more than 100 vendors with car-related services and products. All these reasons, plus the fact that registration costs and ticket sales benefit the Seattle Children’s hospital, make this vintage car racing event truly one of a kind.

Everyone involved in the sport of vintage car racing is looking forward to this event with great anticipation, and Cooper Dubois is no exception. As many members can attest, this is an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends and see everything the vendors have to offer for all of the drivers and spectators. Also, and maybe more importantly, the members have the chance to race their beautiful and well-kept vintage sports cars.

Cooper Dubois Portland resident is a proud member of SOVREN


Cooper DuBois is the proud owner of a 1962 Chevrolet Corvette. It is a beautiful and powerful classic car that is silver with maroon trim. For him, getting the chance to race is an almost zen-like experience. When behind the wheel of his Corvette during a race, total focus is mandatory. There is no time or space to think of anything other than driving. That is the true feeling of exhilaration for him. It is a time when everything else fades away, and your mind has the one specific focus of driving your vehicle to the best of your ability. So win or lose, the thrill of racing is its own reward.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer Spotted at Ridge Motorsports Park

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer is a well-known vintage car enthusiast. He is the proud owner of a 1962 Chevrolet Corvette that is silver with maroon trim.



As he enjoys track driving and participating in racing events, his car number is 61. As the weather gets warmer, vintage car racing events increase, giving owners and enthusiasts many opportunities to enjoy these incredible machines.

This past week, Cooper DuBois Portland CEO was spotted driving his classic Corvette at the Ridge Motorsports Park. The Ridge Motorsports Park, located just outside Shelton, Washington, is also very close to Olympia, Washington. At the park, the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest was in full springtime glory as a private racing event took place.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer Spotted at Ridge Motorsports Park (2)
The Ridge Motorsports Park is a Steve Crawford-designed road course that began construction in April of 2011


The Ridge Motorsports Park is a Steve Crawford-designed road course that began construction in April of 2011. Currently, the road course is just shy of two and a half miles long. It is considered one of the more challenging courses in the northwest as it includes 16 turns and changes in elevation over 300 feet from beginning to end. According to Cooper DuBois, some of the most thrilling aspects of the raceway are the Ridge Complex, a daring fifty-foot plunge, the double apex turn, and the long carousel turn. This raceway was built to thrill both drivers and spectators, and it delivers excitement with every lap.

Cooper Dubois Portland Racing Driving Your Car on the Track

So, you’re excited to see how your car can perform on a circuit. What do you expect on a track day? You ought to know the rules and regulations of the event and track driving techniques. Here is Cooper Dubois Portland’s racing guide for drivers with little or no experience.



Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Find a Driving School

Whether you want to start a racing career or hone your skills, a driving school will provide you with everything you need. Finding the right instructors will ensure you get the best racing techniques and pursue different difficulty levels. Also, it would help if you worked with a school that offers a host of programs, including personalized training.

But here is the thing – all racing cars are not the same. If you take a pro’s drive high performance, the instruction can be customized for your vehicle. The first session will help you learn about vehicle dynamics and control skills.

For instance, you’ll be taught how to sit correctly. And every racer should be able to press the brakes fully and still keep the vision up. Another driving tip is learning how to steer correctly. You should ensure your hands are in 9 and 3-o’clock positions. That way, the car will stay pointed in the right direction.

How do you find your position? You should move the seat close to the pedals and adjust it until the wrist rests on the steering wheel.

Before you start racing, you should know the driving lane. And with the help of an instructor, you can master the route by going through the track twice the average speed. Some race tracks will have cones laid out in specific areas. For example, a turn-in cone represents a point where a car can change direction. A cone can also represent the innermost part of a corner.

If you’re a beginner, you must master the art of breaking. A common mistake for novice racers is braking too late or too rigid. You ought to apply your brakes firmly and then ease them afterward. If you’re not careful, you could make the car spin.

Finally, drivers can take a hands-on program to learn the ins and outs of the vehicle. These fundamental tips will ensure you’re safer, faster, and consistent.

Cooper Dubois Portland Racing Check your car

Before anything else, you should ensure the car is ready for strenuous driving. You should check the tire pressure, brake pads, and anything else for maximum grip. Furthermore, you should confirm the fluids are stopped up.

Besides, the wheels must be well balanced. Cooper Dubois Portland Racing If you feel some vibration on the road, your car could be worse on a track. Make sure you have enough tread and confirm there are no cracks that make driving troublesome.

Another area you should pay attention to is the brakes. Ask any experienced racer, and they will tell you that nothing can be compared to heavy braking on the track. When testing the car, you should keep the sessions short to prevent overheating. But to ensure there’s proper airflow on the brakes, you should stop every 15 minutes of track time. And in between the sessions, stay away from the handbrake. Keep in mind performing handbrake clamps could damage the discs.

The condition of the engine also matters. Before you head to the track, you ought to bring your machine up to temperature. How about the fuel level? You should check the fuel at regular intervals. The organizers will give you tips on how you can refuel your car quickly.


Safety comes first

People who drive cars on the road expect the circuit to be not much different – this is not the case. Even if you feel good on the road, you must respect the racing circuit. If possible, you should work with a professional to ensure you’re safe as possible. And this is compulsory for first-time drivers.


Cooper Dubois Portland Racing Check your car


The track-day organizers will offer instructions at their events – this will cost you a few dollars per session. Even if you’ve been on a race track before, a few tips from the instructors will keep you away from bad habits.

At a bare minimum, you need a helmet and then cover your body with clothing. Some racing gloves will also help you grip the steering wheels and keep your adrenaline flowing. From a safety perspective, you should invest in a fire retardant overall.

Cooper Dubois Portland Racing says to follow the above tips to ensure you get the most from the track.






Cooper Dubois Portland Racing – How to get involved

Cooper Dubois Portland Racing talks about getting started in racing. If you’re new to motor racing, there are ample opportunities to ensure you succeed on the track. With a bit of guidance and encouragement, you’re good to go. Here is how you can get involved in Cooper Dubois Portland racing.



Amateur drag racing

We’ve all pushed our cars to the limit, says Cooper Dubois Portland Racing driver, to see how fast they can go on a straight road. A race track offers a safer avenue to push the throttle to the limit. Amateur drag racing allows you to get your adrenaline pumping and test your driving skills. And you don’t need a particular vehicle to do this. Once you adhere to the minimum safety requirements, you’ll be ready to chase your next best time.

Drag racing has been a staple for most generations, so you can be sure you’ll have some fun. Most race tracks allow for test-and-tune nights, so you can easily find your local drag strip.

Drag racing car



Autocross can be an ideal racing event for starters and doesn’t require a particular type of car. It’s the easiest way to squeal the tires and fine-tune the driving skills. Some courses take a minute to navigate so that drivers can achieve speeds of up to 60mph. And depending on the car and modifications, you can cruise at higher speeds. Even with the fastest run, there’s no potential damage to the vehicle.

To do well in autocross, you need the right gear. Some models are best suited to a specific sport, but what matters most is safety. For instance, the battery must be tied down, and the tire threads must be free from any defects. If you’re going to be out there the whole day, you should be prepared with some unblocking.

Drag racing

Even if you’re new to motor racing, drifting will leave a smile on your face. Multiple drift clinics across the country will help you harness your experience. But the one thing you must bring is a new set of tires.

Amateur racers can join Lucky Dog Racing League, Cascade Sports Car Club, or Sports Car Club of America. While professional racing events come at a fee, some are free to the public. But one place that offers unmatched driving experience is Portland International Raceway. Some of the drag race events you can participate in include Lucky Dog Racing League, SCCA Road racing, to mention a few.


Track days

There is nothing more fulfilling than racing a car on a track just for fun. Whether it’s a circle track, road racing, or any other activity, there are special days where you can drive your car. There are many events open to the driver that require you to make some contacts before you participate.

Amateur drag racing

Some groups accommodate the needs of beginners and expert drivers. Do you remember that car you took to the autocross? Well, it can be the perfect machine for a track day. If the brakes in your vehicle are suitable for non-stop pounding, you’re good to go. And because the wheel-to-wheel element must be removed, the original equipment may be sufficient.

But there’s a caveat to this – most equipment requires preregistration. This includes details of where your car will show up. If you’re a novice racer, you expect plenty of instructions – the goal is to be safe.

The first step to becoming a team member is to start at the club level. The best thing to do is introducing yourself in a calm environment. With time, you’ll find used to the surroundings.

Every racing sport needs some action, says Cooper DuBois Portland

Race worker

Every racing sport needs some action. There must be someone to render assistance, take score, and keep active if something wrong happens. As the event goes on, workers are responsible for communication and flagging.

Most racing events are under SCCA or NASA, so you may want to contact the local region. You ought to check the website to get guidance from someone who has the title of a worker.

Low buck endurance racer

This racing is suitable for professional racers. Get this right- we’re talking about endurance racing. Maybe you are on a tight budget, but getting some hour on the track can be a rewarding way to get involved in Cooper Dubois Portland racing. Before you become part of the race, you need a helmet, neck restraint, gloves, and more.


Hill climbs

It involves going to a hilly topography and welcoming some streetcars. To do this successfully, you need essential safety equipment.


Cooper DuBois Racing Portland Vintage Corvette


Cooper DuBois Portland racer is an avid adventure seeker and has a passion for adrenaline rushes. Check out his video on a closed track as we take you through time-lapse so you can get a better glimpse of vintage car racing.



Cooper DuBois Portland Racing The History Of the Corvette C1 to C8

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing enthusiast explains the history of the Corvette.


The Corvette is America’s sports car that has won many prestigious awards. It became synonymous with adventure and is valued for its high performance. Here is the history of the Corvette C1 to C8 and why it’s the go-to option for racing enthusiasts.



C1 (first generation)

Cooper DuBois Portland racing says the C1 was offered as a 6-cylinder engine and had an automatic gearbox. After making its debut in 1953, the Corvette became a rare entrant for customers. Later, they added a new paint of colors – red, black, and blue. In 1954, the Saint Louis factory produced 10,000 corvettes but only sold 3640.

In 1955, added a six-cylinder engine There was included a 3-speed manual gearbox and an optional hardtop.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer with 62 Corvette C1 First Generation

The first cars were painted polo white and had a red interior. However, the first cars were not engaging enough to appeal to sports enthusiasts.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer with 62 Corvette C1 First Generation

C2 (second generation)

The second generation debuted in 1963 and was offered in only V6 engines. This model featured a split-window design – no wonder some people affectionately called it the Sting Ray. But unlike the predecessor, the body was made of fiberglass. Besides that, the engine was mated to a 3 or 4 manual gearbox.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing

But one distinct feature about the C2 generation was that it had a rear glass window. It was offered as both manual and automatic transmissions and could generate up to 425HP.

Other features that made the C2 unique were a dual master cylinder, power drum brakes, large shock absorbers, and brake booster.

But following critics of the C2 drum brakes in 1965, the cars were equipped with four-wheel disc brakes. Of course, the big V8 engine and brake improvements were a timely upgrade. The car produced 425HP – a figure that cannot be underrated. The C2 went out of production in 1967.

A 1963 Chevrolet Corvette at the "Corvettes on Woodward" show

C3 (third-generation)

Cooper DuBois Portland racer borrowed the C3 styling detail from Larry Shinoda’s Mako (a designer behind the shark II concept car). The body included a removable roof panel. While most people likened the C3 to its predecessor, the new model came with an automatic transmission system that replaced the prior two-speed limit. Generally, the V8 engines produced 430HP.

In 1969, the Corvette reinstated the name sting gray as one word. Under the hood, the 454-cubic-inch engine produced 390HP.

In 1971, a 270 HP entry-level was introduced. It featured a 3-speed automatic transmission and took 7.1 seconds from 0-60. As energy emissions increased, the engine output fell to 165HP. But to meet the safety standards, the power continued to fall. And that why racing enthusiasts opted for big-block engines. Nevertheless, the 205 HP option was also available for those looking for more power.

In 1979, the C3 sold over 54,000 cars. But the production ended in 1982.

A 1973 Chevrolet Corvette

C4 (fourth generation)

The C4 was launched in 1984. It featured a new bodywork and a suspension system. Moreover, it was equipped with a V8 engine that generated 200HP. And because it was designed as a Sportscar, this machine came with a better center of gravity and ground clearance.

Corvette made a lot of tweaks to the C4 and prepared the car for the 1986 Indianapolis 500. In 1990, the 1980’s digital instrument was replaced with a newer dashboard while the exterior was smoothed over. By the time the C4 bowed out in 1996, it had produced 320HP.

Cooper DuBois Portland racing talks about C4

Chevrolet Corvette (C4)

C5 (fifth generation)

The C5 was launched in 1997 and featured the C4 styling but was a different machine. It was fitted with a 4-speed automatic transmission system that produced 345HP. It also came with a 4.4-inch front track, an 8-inch wheelbase (longer than the predecessor), and was more stable. Even better, the C5 was 80 pounds lighter than the C4.

As Corvette celebrated its 50th anniversary, it introduced the LSI model. It also had a program that led to the winning of 24 hours of Le Mans.

C6 (sixth generation)

The C6 featured a 6.0 -L V8 engine that generated 400HP. In 2008, Corvette introduced the LS3 model that continued to rack up wins. While the manual transmission was still available, the production ended in 2013.

A 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 by Cooper DuBois Portland

C7 (seventh generation)

The C7 was launched in 2017 and was known for its weight savings and improved rigidity. It was equipped with a V8 engine that generated 460 HP. Furthermore, the body was made of aluminum which gave the car better downforce on race tracks. It competed well with other muscle cars like the Mustang GT500 in a comparison test.

C8 (eight generation)

In 2020, the C8 was launched. It came with a 6-L, V8 engine that generated a massive 630HP. So far, there is no manual transmission. The engineers only produced 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Also, the mighty Corvette could clock six mph in 3 seconds.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO How to Become Part of Vintage Car Racing

Vintage racing offers a lot of fun to car lovers. According to Cooper DuBois Portland racing enthusiast, you don’t have to be wealthy to be part of vintage car racing.


But here is the thing. There’s something magical about vintage cars. Depending on where you intend to race, the entry fees can average from $400 to $4000. The other factor determining the cost is whether you’ll be taking part in the event alone or with a friend.

Cooper DuBois Portland To start down this road

The membership fee to take part in vintage car racing averages $90 and $200. After training, you can buy shirts and pants. And because there are dozens of clubs that host vintage events across the country, you can know how much you can spend before you get to the track.

NASCAR must check every car to ensure everyone gets some fun. But each club has its set of rules which can influence the exact amount you pay. So the costs are not high, and at times you get paid.

The area you should pay attention to is the cars. While big cars are spectacular to drive, they can be challenging for beginners. Perhaps the best place to start is with a mid-engine.

Ways to get into vintage for cheap

You don’t have to spend a fortune to start vintage racing. Whether you’re a kid or teenager, you should weigh your options like:

Arrive and drive

This is an opportunity to know the track without spending tons of bucks. And you don’t require any reservation. But before you have some fun, you should invest in a head sock and helmet. If someone is holding you up, you’ll learn a few tactics like car controls, steering smoothly, and sensitive pedal application. That way, you can be sure you won’t spend more than $20.

beautiful vintage race car

Challenge for adults

If you’re over 18 years, this can be the most affordable option. And don’t be surprised to find racers who are in their 50s and 60s.

How you can cut down the costs

Before you think of buying a vintage car, you should liaise with the local racing clubs. However, it would help if you did not assume that any car will be accepted in the club. For instance, a vintage car that is legal with HSR may not be allowed by SVRA. If you have questions about the set regulations, you may want to contact a club official. The goal is to get the facts straight.

What matters most is to ensure the car meets the regulations so that you can have more fun on the track.

You need a car that qualifies.

If you want to get your adrenaline flowing, vintage car racing is the real deal. For example, SVRA features cars with 289-302 cubic engines under the hood. And at the end of tracks straightway, these machines can reach up to 140mph.


vintage retro car close up.

Cooper DuBois Portland explains At the basic level, it’s all about noise and speed. Some of the cars that give the perfect tune of the throttle are Peugeot 205 T16, Porsche 956, BMW E30 M3, Maserati 250F, etc.

SVRA will also look at the configuration of the body. And the material must be the same as the one supplied by the manufacturer.

The interior should also be neat – but should allow for a few adjustments. Also, any loose carpeting must be eliminated. Another rule observed by the body is that the car must be prepared to 1970 or later specification.

Besides, the engine must have the best displacement. More specifically, it must be of the correct size, and the mounts should be in the proper position. Still, the engine heads must feature the same design provided by the manufacturer.

A vintage racing car must also have a working charging system unless stated otherwise. In all SVRA groups, the wheels must be as originally stated. And the tires must be modified by following the specifications set by the manufacturer.

The suspension system can feature shock type or spring. For safety on the track, the driveshafts, lug bolts, and axle housings must be strengthened. Not to mention, there should be no fuel leaks, and the brakes must be in tip-top condition.

Finally, all cars must not exceed the official weight required for the event.

If you want to race in a famous circuit, you must abide by the competitors’ rules. And once you get used to the track, you’ll save lots of money in the long run.

Stop dreaming about vintage car racing. Start now! International Travel Safety Tips for Any Country for 2021

Beautiful retro race car

Vintage Car Racing Schedule 2021

Cooper DuBois, the CEO of Truly Social Games and a professional racing enthusiast, believes vintage cars provide unparalleled experience compared to other forms of motorsports. Currently, the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association hosts events throughout the year. Some of their legendary tracks include the Watkins Glen International, Virginia International Raceway, Auto Club Speedway, and Sonoma Raceway. Here is a schedule of their racing events.


But here is the thing. There’s something magical about vintage cars. Depending on where you intend to race, the entry fees can average from $400 to $4000. The other factor determining the cost is whether you’ll be taking part in the event alone or with a friend.

Cooper DuBois, the CEO of Truly Social Games and a professional racing enthusiast, believes vintage cars provide unparalleled experience compared to other forms of motorsports. Currently, the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association hosts events throughout the year. Some of their legendary tracks include the Watkins Glen International, Virginia International Raceway, Auto Club Speedway, and Sonoma Raceway. Here is a schedule of their racing events.


2021 Sebring Speed Tour – 18th to 22nd Feb

The Sebring International Raceway has a deep history that dates back to the 1950s. Since 1952, the 12-hour race takes place every year. The race track features a 3.7-mile flat and 17 turns. But what makes the environment challenging is the asphalt track and rugged concrete.


2021 Portland Speed Tour

 The Portland Speed Tour features vintage and contemporary racing cars. This event will take place from 22nd to 25th July 2021 at the Portland International Raceway. The 2-mile race track has 12 turns and offers three days of racing.


Watkins Glen International – September 9-12

The Watkins Glen International race is a subsidiary of the International Speedway association. After a long layoff, the NASCAR series returned to Watkins and held three races on the schedule. In 1996, Glen changed to a 6-hour format and is now sanctioned by IMSA. By the year 2000, a few improvements were made at Watkins Glen International.

Vintage Car Racing Schedule 2021

In recent years, this event has become popular within the NASCAR community.


Virginia International Raceway – September 23-26

This event draws thousands of spectators and vintage car racers. The expansive facility is located in Northern Carolina and offers lots of hotel and lodging options. Guests can also enjoy unique amenities like karting, off-road racing, and an exclusive Drivers Club. Besides being one of the most demanding racecourses in the country, this is a popular testing facility for car clubs and drivers. Vintage car enthusiasts trust the Virginia International Raceway to make their cars running at peak level.

Since the raceway was opened in 1957, it has remained the same. The only change is widening the space for a longer run-off room. Without a doubt, VIR is one of the finest motorsport venues in the world.

vintage car racing

Utah Motorsports Campus – October 7-10

The Utah Motorsports Campus is an outdoor event venue located 30 miles on the West of Salt Lake City. It’s one of the diverse motor facilities in America. The surface features a 0.9-mile racing facility, 4.5-mile road racing track, and 22-acre off-road short course.

It has Amateur Track Days that allow enthusiasts to drive a race car in a non-competitive environment. Because the cars are released on a track at a time, one can drive at a speed that suits the comfort level. It’s the best way to sharpen the skills and harness the car’s abilities. But the best way to find the limits of your car is by joining the Autocross only. This is a timed course with lots of turns.


Savannah Speed Festival – Oct 22-24

This is the birth of Grand Pix in America. It hosts vintage cars and invites all SVRA classes. The three days event accommodates both amateur and professional racers.

The first Grand pix race occurred in 1908, followed by Vanderbilt Cup Race in 1911. But what makes the Savannah Speed Festival unique is that it accommodates all race groups. And the speed party is not to be missed – the spectators and car shows add to the fun.

In the event program, the racetrack features a Marque paddock and a reunion race.


Austin SpeedTour – Nov 4-7

The Austin SpeedTour was opened in 2012 and took place at the Circuit of the Americans. Designed by Hermann, the Grand Prix facility consists of a 3.4-mile circuit with 20 corners. It’s followed by a series of hairpin turns, straightway and high speed sweeping corners.

Since its debut, the Austin SpeedTour has been drawing hundreds of racers and fans from around the world. This event rewards the winners with the coveted bell Gold Helmets.


So-Cal SpeedTour – Nov 19-21

It’s the first event of the Miata Heritage cup series. The racetrack consists of a challenging 2.8 miles that feature 21 turns. This world-class facility hosts vintage race cars and invites spectators from around the world.

Wrap up

SVRA guarantees fair competition and enjoyment for all competitors. The vintage cars are restored to their original racing specifications and are equipped with state-of-the-art racing equipment. And before any race, the cars are inspected to ensure they match the rules for each category.

Furthermore, the track driver behavior is closely monitored – this is the hallmark of vintage racing.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Enjoys Being in the Driver’s Seat

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO and Co-founder of Truly Social Games is a man of many interests. Having spent his career in technical fields and the gaming industry, his free time was minimal early in his career. To become the successful business owner and CEO he is today, he dedicated long hours and incredible focus to every assigned project.


Cooper DuBois is a dedicated family man who loves to travel with his family. Having lived in San Francisco, Mexico City, Seattle, and Portland, he has always enjoyed a good adventure and exploring new places worldwide. He believes that experiencing new places and cultures is one of the best ways to educate yourself and foster a better understanding of the world as a whole. So with his family and traveling being the top two things he is passionate about, third place goes to vintage car racing.

Having attained success, Cooper DuBois rewarded himself with the purchase of a classic 1962 Chevrolet Corvette. The stunning maroon and silver vehicle was built for speed and driving it is definitely one of Cooper’s favorite pastimes. The love of driving his classic Corvette led him to become a member of SOVERN, which stands for the Society Of Vintage Racing ENthusiasts. Based out of Seattle, Washington, the organization is a non-profit racing organization that welcomes both owners and admirers of older sports cars, particularly those with racing histories.

As Cooper DuBois Portland CEO explained, the exhilaration of driving stems from the fact that racing requires a total focus that does not allow for any outside thoughts. When you are fortunate enough to be in the driver’s seat, your full attention must be on driving to the very best of your ability. The tracks where SOVERN hosts its racing events are very challenging. With multiple types of curves, hills, dips, and other driving challenges, the drivers must be singularly focused on what is ahead of them and how their car can best handle the conditions.



He's a an evintage car racing nthusiastic


Vintage car racing is a sport that requires both determination and complete focus. Being behind the wheel of a powerful sports car, competing against yourself and others to complete the race as quickly as possible, is a rush like no other. Car racing enthusiasts love the thrill of watching the race, but people like Cooper DuBois enjoy being in the driver’s seat.


Cooper DuBois Racing Columbia River Classics

Columbia River Classic is one of the premier events that draw fans and drivers from around the world. Did you know cooper DuBois racing enthusiast races in a 62 Corvette?


What makes the 62 Corvette an excellent racing car?


The 1962 Corvette is perhaps the most desirable CorvetteCorvette of all time. While the basic styling of the C1 looked a bit outdated, the silver mesh grille gave the car a unique look. In terms of power, the V8 engine generates an explosive 360 HP. And with the extra torque, you get a ferocious 60mph acceleration. In 1962, the Corvette was a serious racer with minor modifications. Unlike comparable models, this car handled better and enhanced.


A new body style was introduced with an optional fuel injection system. Other additions included power windows, four-speed manual transmission, and heavy-duty suspension. The 1962 model also received new body styling with all dashboard gauges located in front of the driver. Also, the car came with a wrap-around windshield.

Cooper DuBois, a Portland racing driver, explains the 62 corvette is more rewarding than you think.

For many racing cars, the pedals, gearshifts, and steering wheels are all the same. If you’re used to modern cars, you’ll be in for a shock. Not to mention, you don’t want to be in a car that makes you feel like a dawdle. According to Cooper DuBois, there’s something unique about the 62 Corvettes. These cars come with tabular hydraulic shock, semi-elliptic leaf springs, and trailing radius rods to ensure you have a smooth ride. It’s no surprise most people say this car comes in race-ready condition.

For decades, the 62 Corvette has remained a top performance car for racing drivers. It has the lowest driving position, and the history is priceless. There were more noticeable changes in the lineup except for a more powerful engine.

What makes the 62 Corvette an excellent racing car?

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer says The Corvette is America’s sports car

Corvette is America’s sports car and remains to be the best vintage racing machine. No wonder it earned a place in the 1962 racing season. It’s also associated with individuals who had a place in the history books.

When this car came out of the production line, it was touted as the most desirable car for vintage races. And only 247 Corvettes received that model.


About Columbia River Classics

This racing event takes place in September and is open to all historical groups. Besides racing, competitors can enjoy the championship series. The great cars and ample track time make this event a must-do. It’s what you need if you’re looking for some adrenaline rush.

To take part in the race, you must have a car mind. But as you decide to get the wheels in motion, you must have taken your driving test. Although it’s not mandatory, track driving can sometimes be a little manic. You don’t want to be left there when others are enjoying their day.

There’s an in-house team of professionals with the knowledge and know-how of in-race car preparation. So to ensure your car is in top-notch condition, you should find someone to take care of the electronics, data logging, and race strategies.

If you don’t have a vintage car to race, you can choose some of the best iconic cars that have stood the test of time. For collectors keen on their historic cars, the team will ensure you maximize the performance and pleasure on the wheel.

Cooper DuBois Racing Columbia River Classics (3)

To participate in the race, you must hold a SOVREN provincial license. The IRDC and SCCA licenses are also accepted. All entrants (drivers) must prepare their cars for the race as per the set regulations.

Are you planning to race a Corvette in Columbia River Classics?

There’s nothing more rewarding than pushing your classic vintage car to the limit. When you race a corvette, you should let the car do the job. Keep the inputs at a minimum, and you can be sure the car will get everything done. Even if the Corvette puts you out of the edge, you should follow the track and stay in charge of the steering wheel. It will be an accomplishment once you get it right. It’s always best that you talk to professionals to advise you on preparation and how to get your car on the track. Don’t forget to follow the regulations of a specific series.

The Columbia River Classics guarantees a memorable experience.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer The Thrill of Classic Car Racing


Cooper DuBois Portland racer describes the thrill one gets when alone in a classic car and the rush.


The thrill of racing a classic car is like no other experience. If you’re new to vintage racing, you may feel like the speed is crazy, but after a few laps, everything is normal. The Sovern Circuit offers a wide range of group and individual experiences. And it’s accommodating to both novice and experienced drivers. If you wish to have an adrenaline rush, you can participate in various competitions.


Your capabilities are challenged to the maximum, and this is what makes you a competent driver. Here is everything you should know about the thrill of classic car racing.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racer Powerful racing cars

You can strap in a 500HP vintage car and drive around the track. The sharp corners and views on the track are breathtaking. In addition, you’ll feel the roar of powerful engines before you tear in a speed-induced furry. The safety techniques and defensive maneuvering skills will make the race cars more enjoyable.

There’s an adrenaline rush that comes with whizzing past competitors when driving at top speed. Picture this – the feeling you get as you pass other cars and everything works well.

Classic car racing in the Sovern circuit

This race track attracts drivers from the local towns and other parts of the country. You’ll enjoy beating guys who think they are challenging or kind of cocky.

The real thrill comes when you hear the roaring engines or as the chatter mounts. After a few qualifying rounds, the crew starts to make adjustments to the cars and tune them. As you approach the racing time, the sound gets even louder.

The fans respond to the noise of their own, which makes the difference to the driver. It’s unbelievably competitive to trigger an adrenaline rush.

For cars to qualify for the races, they must be produced through 1985. The circuit also accommodates purpose-built race cars before 1989. The competition committee will determine the minimum of the four rare classes and the number of entries.

How to enjoy vintage car racing

If you want to remain competitive, you should control your emotions. Although the experience is fun, you have to take control of both the good and the bad. The fun part is learning what makes your vintage car tick. Whether you’re a new or an experienced driver, you want to get the most out of your car. There are three ways to enjoy vintage car racing – race, watch, or officiate.

The vintage racing organization has over 500 members. They include car owners and admirers of old sports cars. But ownership of a classic car doesn’t guarantee membership. To make the entries even more selective, the track accepts vehicles that have participated in the event before.

Even with the thrill of racing a classic car, the organization is careful with safe driving. You’ll also find some rules that include off-course excursions, contacts, and excessive spin-outs. All these things come with strict penalties. You could even be banned from vintage racing. That said, you have to be respectful to others while on track and keep an eye on your overall safety.


classic car Sovern racing

As you race the car, there’s nothing else you can think about apart from the vehicle. If you have `I want to’ conscience, you don’t have to wait for another year. The best time to start is now.
Drivers work with sponsors to help them cover racing costs – you never know what can happen on the track.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing High-performance mindset

The only thing you should think about when on the track is how to outsmart your competitors. This calls for the right mindset. You want to succeed under pressure and push your adrenaline to the end. If you’re going to ease the tension, you can practice a few breathing techniques. This will help prepare your mind for the tasks ahead.

Even the most competitive drivers are not born with driving skills. It’s something that comes with time. By training your mind on the task ahead, you can improve focus and get rid of distractions, say’s Cooper DuBois Portland racer. This will help you handle braking and acceleration when under extreme pressure.

To stack up above the competition, you need to make sudden changes. Other skills you should have are eye coordination and peripheral vision. Speed is an important parameter, and you must have the skills for the proper reaction onboard. To win, you need more than just speed. And don’t forget to embrace the sweet reward of victory.

Cooper DuBois Portland racer says the thrill of vintage racing is driving on edge. Every time you’re behind the wheel, you think of perfection.


Cooper DuBois Portland racing discusses the 2021 F1 season.

F1 racing tells us where we have reached in terms of technology. Cooper DuBois Portland Racing believes that drivers should have the incredible reaction time to emerge the winner. Here is an overview of what has happened in the 2021 F1 calendar.














Formula 1 Aramco Pre-season Testing (12-14 March)

The pre-season testing took place at Bahrain International Circuit. The teams had three days to put their cars to the test and prepare for what was to come. Some drivers like Sergio Perez, Carols Sainz, and Daniel Riccardo had switched teams over the winter.

Hamilton lost the first day as he could not match Red Bull’s pace. There was also a bizarre finish when Carloz Sainz and Alpha Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen had trying moments in the track.

The second day, Bottas was the quickest, which gave the Mercedes a steady recovery. But 2021 proved to be a promising season for Red Bull after Max secured the fastest time in Bahrain.

In an interview, Cooper DuBois, a Portland racing enthusiast, suggested that pre-season racing was an important event for system checks. Also, the new mechanical parts needed to be tried out. The goal is to iron out reliability issues before the actual race.

The drivers also got a chance to blow the winter cobwebs. Not to mention, the mechanics had an opportunity to practice pit spots and rehearse how to work on new machines.

All eyes for the 2021 season would be on Mercedes. However, new challengers like Alpine and Aston Martin claim to have what it takes to defeat the seven-time champions.

Italy 2021 1 & 2 – 16 to 18th April

Hamilton briefly led before Verstappen took over in the 27th round. Briton emerged second after his sluggish start, but the seven-time champion carried the day. The sensational race was a great way to start the season. Hamilton was one point ahead of the challenger.

2021 Pro Championship – 13 -14th Oct

This year, the pro championship returned with a bang. The Aston Martin Cognizant team had a tense fight in Sakhir, but the defending champions were determined to go against the odds. After qualifying for a dismal 14, the Dutch master (Jarno Opmeer) did not disappoint. As conditions continued to improve, Fabrizio Donoso rolled the dice. By this time, Blakeley and Kiefer had slipped back. And then Brendon got ahead of Daniele Haddad in seventh.

F1 Aramco US Grand Pix

The race took place on Oct 24th in a 5.5km circuit. Hamilton had a fantastic start, but the Dutchman took a distant lead. Perez took the third position before Verstappen opened the 11 pit window.

With many stops for the Red Bull champion, Hamilton held a 16-second lead. But on Lap 37, Hamilton needed a new set of tires only to get to a chase with Verstappen.

There was a 1.7-second spit between the two for the last five laps. Max won the spectacular duel, which made red bull gain ground on Mercedes.


Race Car On Track

Mexico 5-7th November

The 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix was an epic event. Valtteri Bottas’s lead was short-lived as he was swept into the first corner of the opening wrap. At the end of the race, Max Verstappen emerged as the winner. He was 19 points ahead of Hamilton.

Brazil 2021

All racers enjoyed a terrific start, but Hamilton started to show signs of lead on Lap 17. Bottas took an opportunistic stop during the safety car period. Sergio Perez (a Mexican) would later show up on the fastest lap. Then, Verstappen came back up on lap 47.

Qatar 2021

This race took place at the 5.3Km Losail International Circuit on Nov 21st, 2021. In the end, Lewis Hamilton carried the day. Although Max Verstappen recovered well after the penalty, his F1 championship was cut by 8 points. Then, Fernando Alonso finished a distant third.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Grand Pix saw more than 20 racers etch their name in history books. It took place at Jeddah Corniche Circuit on Dec 5th. Lewis Hamilton won amid two stoppages of Valtteri and Verstappen.

Hamilton led the two, but Mick Schumacher hit the barrier on the 10th lap, which gave Verstappen a free stop.

On the 15th lap, Hamilton took the lead but went off track. At this time, Hamilton was behind Esteban Ocon. In a separate event, Nikita has a collision with Russel.

Hamilton would later meet Verstappen on the 43rd lap. The two are ready for the season finale at Yes marina Circuit. Five drivers retired at the end of the race – Russel, Mazepin, Perez, Vettel, and Schumacher.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Sovern 2022 Schedule

Cooper DuBois Portland racer is a proud member of the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts (SOVERN). This organization attracts car owners and admirers. In 2022, there will be five Sovern racing events scheduled throughout the year. The most important one is the Pacific Northwest Historics, which will be held the first week of July.


If you’re a fan of older vintage cars or you enjoy racing in general, you can participate in any event.














Cooper Dubois Portland Racing Sovern 2022 schedule.

Spring sprints – April 22-24, 2022

This is a 3-day event starting 22nd to 24th April 2022. The first day is about testing, tuning cars, and orientation. In addition, the drivers will test the track and shake the cobwebs. Saturday and Sunday’s next two days will ensure everyone gets a great workout. It’s the perfect time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. The spectators are also welcome for the print event. Friday will be a free spectator day. However, Saturday and Sunday tickets will be available at the gate.

Spokane Festival of Speed – June 3rd to 5th, 2022

The Spokane Festival of Speed is a three-day vintage racing event that welcomes racers from Montana, Idaho, and Alberta. This event will take place at Kalispel Tribe’s Raceway and has a weekend full of activities. The 2022 Spokane Festival of Speed will combine with the Northwest Motorsports event.

According to the event organizers, clubs can run their races for championships or join other groups. After Friday’s event, the racers can enjoy the park and explain everything about vintage racing to their audience.

Since the event will be at the heart of Spokane, you will have a chance to showcase your car to an eager audience.

After the show, drivers can head down to downtown Spokane to create a memorable and exciting experience with their families.

SOVERN racers are invited to participate in the driver’s test. The Spokane Festival of Speed race attracts many sponsors.

The Pacific Northwest Historics – July 1-3, 2022

This event hosts over 200 cars including, formula and sports cars. For the 2022 season, all eyes will be on the Lotus 19 (the most successful race car from England). This car has featured in iconic races for more than 60 years.

Some things that make the Pacific Northwest Historics event special are lots of seat time for drivers and unprecedented viewing opportunities. The paddock is wide open so that the fans can get personnel with the cars.

Over the years, the Pacific Northwest Historics has raised over ten million dollars Cooper DuBois Portland racer proudly explains. Most of it was towards the benefit of Seattle Children’s Hospital. This is a spectator-friendly event, so you can buy tickets to take you through the three days.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Sovern 2022 Schedule (2)

Columbia River Classic (September 10-11, 2022) Portland International Raceway

In 2022, The Columbia River Classic will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. This race will attract racers from all over the west. You’ll also see unique British cars like Bentleys and MGG’.

If you want to create memories, this event is a must-do. The 1.96 miles race rack features 12 turns so that you can push your adrenaline to the limit.

Cooper Dubois Portland resident, loves classic car racing. It’s one thing to have a car in your garage and an entirely different to get behind the wheel. If you want to be part of history, this is an event you cannot afford to miss. Some of the featured cars date back to the 1940s. However, most of them are date back to 1979.

The other thing that will make this race special is that you will have a chance to connect with other vintage car enthusiasts and spectators. And because the raceway is located a few minutes from the city, it’s the right place to recharge your head.

Fall finale – 24-25th, 2022 (Pacific Raceways)

Cooper DuBois Portland racer explains The participants will earn points to reach the top spot. If you don’t want to participate in the race, you can socialize with Sovern officials. Another thing that makes the event unique is that it will offer the crew and workers lunchtime rides – this can be an opportunity to spend quality time behind the wheel. The ticket will be available at the gate.

These SOVERN races feature the beautiful cars of yesterday. You can race your vintage car in a fun and exciting environment or come and enjoy the sights of vintage racing. Come out and get up close with cars. You can also officiate the events. Whatever your interest, there’s a role for you.

Cooper DuBois Portland: Types of Open Wheel Racing


Cooper DuBois Portland discusses types of open-wheel racing.


Open car racing is intense racing and the most popular four-wheeled motorsport. These cars are recognizable as the wheels are uncovered. Also, the vehicles share many similarities, like a single-driver cockpit and mid-engine layout. If you want to push your adrenaline to the limit, Cooper Dubois Portland CEO recommends that you explore the following types of open-wheel racing.









Cooper DuBois Portland: Types of Open Wheel Racing


Formula racing (F1)

This is the most prestigious form of racing in the world. All vehicles are equipped with a turbocharged engine that cranks around 1000HP. The chassis of these cars look similar, but the manufacturers engineer their aerodynamics to generate the maximum downforce possible. This is what makes the vehicles whip the corners at imaginable speeds.

F1 takes place exclusively on circuits, with emphasis on frequent turns. What makes these cars unique is that they can reach speeds of up to 220 miles per hour. These cars also accelerate fast, so only elite drivers can compete for the championship.

Cooper DuBois Portland: Types of Open Wheel Racing

The most famous and prestigious F1 racing event is the Monaco Grand Pix. The IndyCar is also a popular division in Indianapolis 500.

The history of Formula racing dates back to the 1930s. In 1946, formula one was standardized. However, the very first official championship took place in 1950 at Silverstone. Then, the non-championship races continued until 1983. This is how F1 turned into a billion-dollar business.


Formula 2

The F2 race is designed for younger drivers who want to experience the highest level of motorsport. In formula 2, all cars are identical. This gives the drivers a level playing field. It’s more of testing the driving skills.

Formula 3

This is considered the stepping stone for prospective racing drivers. They use the race points and mark the amateur to professional driving. These cars are produced by Italian engineers and use a race points system. The scores can be either a 35 or 25 for a win.

Formula four

Most novice drivers start at the F4 category. All vehicles were the same in the past, but this has now changed. However, engineers have standardized to a 1.6-L engine. The vehicles can produce a maximum output of 180 HP. The points are awarded the same as F3.

Other open-wheel formula racing events

Formula E

Cooper Dubois Portland racing enthusiast, loves to see cars blast at crazy speeds for less than half a mile. The truth is, racing has so many formats, but only a few cars can find their way in a race. Since Formula E is all about acceleration, cars start parallel and race for about a quarter-mile. The goal is to reach the top speed in the least time. Batteries and an electric motor power formula E cars. However, most cars in the race are purposely built for the task. The first ten drivers are rewarded with the standard FIA system.

This is an entry point for the world’s best racers from Formula One Legends like Ayton Senna. Despite their slim appearance, these cars form a vital part of racing history. They handle exceptionally well and feature an open-wheel and small tube chassis. The cars vary widely in terms of speed and can generate 270HP. This is an economical sport that can be performed by almost anybody.

Verizon Indy Series

This is an open-wheel racing event founded by Tony George. But this is not an open formula – you’ll find several production cars such as Porsche, Audi, and Japan’s Super Taikuyu. These cars have a protective roll cage, while the gearbox comes with coolers for increased performance. The series merged with Champ Car rival to form the IndyCar series. They specify the engine, chassis, and tire manufacturers.

The usual IndyCar season features temporary street circuits and a natural-terrain road course. Some series feature a handicap start where small cars get released a few seconds before the larger models. The Verizon Indy Series is part of the historic Indianapolis 500.

Formula Challenge Japan

This is an open-wheel car racing and a development project by Nissan, Honda, and Toyota. The participant should be younger than 26 years to participate in the race. This challenge continues to bring excellent entertainment and outstanding performance.

Wrap up

Open-wheel racing is all about having fun. The truth is, there’s nothing more fun than pitching the world’s greatest drivers and cars at the same time. For many racing enthusiasts, it’s impossible to look at these machines and not feel the urge to see them go fast.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Redman Chevron B29


Cooper DuBois Portland Racing discusses the Open Wheel Redman Chevron B29.
It’s incredible to imagine how far Chevron has come in the last few decades. Despite the vacuous legal bickering over ownership, rights, and trademarks, Chevron remains one of the most racing car manufacturers – the B29 is an excellent example of its innovation. It’s a relatively cheap way to hop into historic racing.


The B29 model was an instrumental part of the early years of Chevron. It dominated the headlines in the 70s and pulled in a stellar performance on the tracks.







Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Redman Chevron B29

Racing Redman Chevron B29 was a dream come true for many car enthusiasts. In 1974, the Chevron B29 featured in the last season of Halifax and proved to be a solid racing machine. For the 1975 championship, Bill Brack drove this car and emerged the winner. The car was able to lap the field twice without a breakdown. But the key to the season’s victory was consistency. And it turned out that Bill was the only individual to win two consecutive F2 championships.

Still, Fred Opert raced the B29 in European Formula 2. In 1976, the car was shipped to the US and sold to Carl. In 2006, the B29 was wholly restored to complete Formula 2 specifications. Cooper DuBois Portland Racing enthusiast believes it’s an absolute delight to drive this iconic machine in its condition.

Racing the B29 is gratifying, too – you should be ready for a sweaty experience. Like other newer models, it’s sensitive to everything (momentum and drive input). No matter the challenge you throw at it, the car keeps going until the driver runs out of energy. And like other good racing cars, this model responds better by going faster.

Unlike the rest of the British racing car industry, this car was proud of its Lancastrian nature.

Getting the Seat Fitted

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Design of the B29


Chevron B29 features a roomy cockpit to ensure the comfort of drivers. Inside, the accommodation is basic, thanks to the fiberglass tubes. There’s no air con, heater, or anything electric. The dash is nicely made, and the brakes are engineered to send your eyes on stops. It may not be the prettiest sports car to grace the circuits, but professional racers loved it.

After its restoration, this machine has competed in all major tracks and has proved to be extremely competitive. The wide track and superb braking abilities make the B29 a steady vehicle with fantastic handling. Since the body is made of fiberglass, the car’s total weight is around 1000 pounds.

For the suspension, the B29 features double coil springs. The rear has coil springs over dampers, while the front has twin lower links and single top links.

According to Derek Bennett, the B29 model was a major upgrade from the B27 model. It had more practical bodywork (a different nose and cockpit). It’s no surprise that it could satisfy the most professional talents’ demands.

Cooper DuBois Portland Racing Redman Chevron B29 (2)



This car features the original 1993 cc engine mated with the FT200 5-speed manual gearbox. The engine capacity complied with the regulations at that time. Chevron B29 was the same as other F2 cars but at a reduced cost in terms of performance. It’s worth mentioning that this car came with a hinged engine cover.

However, it was rebuilt to include guide tappets, valves, and camshafts. The gearbox has also been fully revamped. All the engine work was done by a racing restorer David Kent. But one thing that makes this machine unique is the HTP – it’s valid until 2029. Hundreds of hours have been spent on fabrication.

Of all F2 Chevron cars, the B29 is a winner on the big stage. Cooper DuBois Portland Racing enthusiast believes that this machine allows you to go faster for so much less. And as the going becomes more challenging every day, this model has proved to be a proper turnkey racing car.

 Today, the B29 is among the popular and agile cars on the tracks. It remains one of the most sought-after racing machines.


Wrap up

Chevron is a famous brand in motorsport history. It has been at the forefront of the wins in formula 2 and other major Sportscar races. Over the years, Redman Chevron B29 has proved to be incredibly light and elegant. What a wonderful heritage this car has!


As Cooper DuBois Portland racer suggests, the B29 model is available for viewing at Absolute Race Engineering (Kimbolton, UK). If you’re itching to get into historic racing, the B29 is the most incredible car to take on the track.